Gekkeikan Sake Gold

Gekkeikan Sake Gold

Gekkeikan Sake
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Gekkeikan Gold is one of Gekkeikan's oldest brands, now sold only in the United States due to its long-standing popularity. With a higher ABV than our other junmai sake products, it is a richer, full-bodied sake with typical Fushimi-style sweet aromas.

Detailed description:

Category / Style: Junmai

Ingredients: water, rice, yeast

Alcohol degree: 16.5%

Sugar rate: 22 g/L

Color: White

Size: 720mL

Taste: slightly fragrant, full-bodied, elegant, smooth finish.

To serve: heated, chilled or at room temperature 

Suggested pairings: : to be enjoyed with rich and savory sauces and red meat dishes.

Producer: Gekkeikan Sake

Country: Japan