Kamoizumi Junmai Daiginjo

Kamoizumi Junmai Daiginjo

Kamoizumi Shuzo
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Light notes of persimmon, shiitake and autumn leaves. An easy-drinking daiginjo label, prepared with Yamadanishiki, which has the right balance of acidity, shibumi (astringency) and sweetness.

Detailed description:

Category / Style: Junmai daiginjo

Ingredients: water, rice, koji rice, yeast

Alcohol degree: 16.5%

Color: colorless

Size: 500ml

Taste: bold , with hints of mushrooms and leaves

To serve: fresh or slightly chilled

Suggested pairings: A nice accompaniment to rich seafood and fatty meats. Delicious with miso-marinated fish, duck and braised meats.

Producer: Kamoizumi Shuzo

Country: Japan