Asahara Koikoi Junmai Ginjo

Asahara Koikoi Junmai Ginjo

Asahara Brewery Co. Ltd.
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Rice drink, this sake is a junmaï Ginjo, which implies an alcohol obtained naturally during fermentation and not by added alcohol. In addition, the grains of rice used have been polished to a minimum of 40%, a guarantee of finesse and quality. The result is a fresh and thirst-quenching beverage, with delicate scents that evoke floral and cantaloupe notes.

Detailed description:

Category/Style: Junmai ginjo

Ingredients: rice, koji, water

Alcohol degree: 14.5%

Sugar rate: 18 g/L

Color: colorless

Size: 300ml

Taste: light and fruity

Serve: chilled or at room temperature

Suggested chords: cheese, creamy desserts, oysters, cooked or raw white fish, scallops

Producer: Asahara Brewery Co. Ltd.

Country: Japan