Bekseju - herbal liquor

Bekseju - herbal liquor

Kooksoondang Brewery
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Bekseju is Asia’s No.1 herbal wine. This unique wine style is made from a combination of rice, nuruk (yeast & enzyme), and 12 high-grade oriental herbs. It is then expertly brewed via a patented method based on traditional Korean techniques.

The vibrant natural flavours obtained from the oriental herb mix is a true delight to the palate. Recently, scientific evidence has demonstrated that Bek Se Ju can be helpful in fighting cancer as well as providing protective effects for your gastrointestinal system.

Detailed description:

Category / Style: Rice wine

Ingredients: rice, corn starch, yeast, koji (nuruk), water, ginseng, lycium fruit, liquorice root, hydrangeas, schizandrae fructus, astragali radix, ginger, cornus fruit, five-leaved aralia, hoelen crataegi fructus, dioscorea japonica

Alcohol degree: 13%

Color: white

Size: 375ml

Taste: mellow flavor, with a hint of ginseng

Serve: chilled

Producer: Kooksoondang Brewery

Country: Korea