Gekkeikan Suzaku Junmai Ginjo

Gekkeikan Suzaku Junmai Ginjo

Gekkeikan Sake
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Suzaku is a ginjo-style junmai sake, using more polished rice than for regular junmai. The more polished rice, fermented slowly at a lower temperature, gives this sake fruity aromas and an elegance like its namesake.
"Suzaku" is the elegant mythical phoenix-like bird who is said to be the noble guardian of the south

Detailed description:

Category / Style: j unmai ginjo

Ingredients: water, rice, yeast

Alcohol degree: 15.5%

Sugar rate: 16 g/L

Color: white

Size: 720mL

Taste: fine fruity aroma that includes delicate notes of pear, honeydew and pineapple. Remarkably smooth on the palate with a creamy body that leads to a light fruity finish.

Serve: slightly chilled or at room temperature

Suggested Pairings: Suzaku is a versatile sake that complements a range of foods from light dishes such as grilled white fish and seared scallops to richly flavored meats such as barbecue pork and prime rib

Producer: Gekkeikan Sake

Country: Japan