Sayuri Nigori

Sayuri Nigori

Hakutsuru Sake Brewing
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Sayuri means "little lily" in Japanese and the name is fitting for this soft and floral nigori. White grape notes and cherry blossom elements come together perfectly to create a lush, creamy sake with a deliciously smooth finish.

Detailed description:

Category/Style: junmai nigori

Ingredients: water, rice, koji rice

Alcohol degree: 12.5%

Sugar rate: 35 g/L

Color: white

Size: 300ml

Taste: slightly creamy and naturally sweet, sweet, fruity, and floral

Serve: room temperature or chilled, shake well before serving

Suggested pairings:Yakitori or Sukiyaki, Spicy cuisine, grilled meats, desserts

Producer: Hakutsuru Sake Brewing

Country: Japan