Hallasan soju - watermelon

Hallasan soju - watermelon

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Flavored Soju is made from natural high-quality fruit juice, giving you a fresher fruit flavor and a clean aftertaste. It uses alkaline spring water 80 meters underground. This water is naturally filtered through basalt layers. The water is pure and sweet in the mouth. It is refreshing and has a perfect balance of mellow, strong wine aroma and refreshing sweetness, providing the best Soju experience.

Description détaillée:

Catégory / Style: Soju

Ingrédient: water, sugar, watermelon flavor, malic acid, alcohol

Degrée d'alcohol: 12%

Couleur: colorless

Format: 375 mL

Goût: light and refreshing with watermelon flavor

Producteur: Hallasan Co. Ltd

Pays: Korea