Jinro Soju Chamisul Plum

Jinro Soju Chamisul Plum

Jinro Soju
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Also known as Korean vodka, it has a very mild taste. It is a clear distilled liquor made from rice and the most popular type of alcoholic drink in Korea. This plum flavored soju is very fruity and creamy, making it one of the most popular flavors among flavored sojus. It's a bit sweeter and not as harsh as regular soju, with an alcohol content of 13%. A very pleasant drink for all occasions.

Detailed description:

Category/Style: Soju

Ingredients: water, alcohol, plum extract, sugar (fructose)

Alcohol degree: 13%

Color: colorless

Size: 360mL

Taste: fruity and sweet

Producer: Jinro Soju limited

Country: Korea