Makgeolli - Chestnut

Makgeolli - Chestnut

Kooksoondang Brewery
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Makgeolli is an alcoholic drink from Korea. Milky white appearance, sweet and sour profile and aromas of rice. It is made by low temperature pasteurization to minimize nutritional loss.

Should be shaken well before serving and usually served chilled.

Detailed description:

Category/Style: Makgeolli

Ingredient: rice, yeast, nuruk, lactic acid, water, fructose, sugar, maltooligosaccharide, carbon dioxide, chestnut flavor, caramel color, concentrated chestnut paste, turmeric oleoresin color

Alcohol degree: 4%

Colour: white

Size: 750mL

Taste: light and refreshing

Producer: Kooksoondang Brewery

Country: Korea