Sho Chiku Bai "Sho" Ginjo Nigori Sake

Sho Chiku Bai "Sho" Ginjo Nigori Sake

Takara Sake
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The distinctive taste of this fruit flavored drink will stay on your lips for hours. Those who love a robust Chardonnay will feel right at home with our Sho Chiku Bai SHO Ginjo Nigori.

The nose of this appealing Nigori Sake is sweet, yet filled with delicious fruit. Savor flavors of cantaloupe, watermelon, banana and pineapple, accented with traces of vanilla and nuts. The palate is decadent, with a soft, grainy texture and delicious sweetness. Flavors include Marshmallow, Vanilla, Cardamom, Sweet Milk, Melon, Ripe Pear, and Strawberry.

Detailed description:

Category / Style: ginjo nigori

Ingredients: water, rice, koji, sugars (invert sugar, fructose)

Alcohol degree: 14%

Color: White

Size: 720mL

Taste: sweet and filled with delicious fruit notes

Serve: chilled

Suggested pairings: Enjoy this sake with crispy fries, barbecue, spicy Mexican dishes or hot and creamy Thai curries

Producer: Takara Sake Brewing Co. Ltd

Country: United States