Hakushika Yoshino Taru

Hakushika Yoshino Taru

Tatsuuma Honke Brewing
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Made from junmai sake briefly aged in wooden casks (taru) made from the fragrant Japanese cedar "Yoshino Sugi", it is a sake reminiscent of the days when sake was packaged and sold in wooden casks. . Beautifully fresh and aromatic, Yoshino Taru Sake is a tribute to tradition.

Detailed description:

Category/Style: Junmai Taru

Ingredients: rice, rice malt, water

Alcohol degree: 13.7%

Sugar rate: 16 g/L

Color: white

Size: 300ml

Taste: fresh and woody

Serve: chilled, room temperature

Suggested Pairings: Excellent with sautéed vegetables flavored with ponzu (citrus and vinegar flavored soy sauce), tofu with green onions, grilled chicken, Asian salads (daikon salad, wakame seaweed salad, vegetable salad sesame greens) and fresh lightly seasoned fish.

Producer: Tatsuuma Honke Brewing

Country: Japan