Yoshi no Gawa Goku-jo

Yoshi no Gawa Goku-jo

Yoshi no Gawa Brewery
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Delicate, dry and fragrant with a clean finish. Sweet acidity and subtle complexity are noted before notes of anise, fresh herbs and stone fruits such as peach and nectarine. A lingering finish offers a silky smooth mouthfeel.

Detailed description:

Category / Style: Ginjo

Ingredients: water, rice, alcohol, koji (aspergillus oryzae), yeast

Alcohol degree: 15.5%

Sugar rate: 18 g/L

Color: colorless

Size: 720mL

Taste: delicate, dry and fragrant with a clean finish

To serve: chilled

Suggested pairings: appetizer, sushi, sashimi, cheese

Producer: Yoshi no Gawa Brewery

Country: Japan